Chinua Achebe: An icon beyond Nobel Laureate Award

Chinua Achebe: An icon beyond Nobel Laureate
Chinua Achebe has made a name for himself in the literary space and has laid a landmark only a few writers can match his prolific output and prowess in capturing and probating an image of Africa is beyond remarks. Lately,  there has been a lot of contemplation on his echelon in the literary space - why he wasn't able to clinch the Nobel Laureate in his shelf of awards. 

As Paul Samuel son posit; the dream of any scholar comes through by this award, The Nobel Laureate. Alfred Nobel's will in (1895) had it that the award was intended for the person who in the literary field,  had produced 'the most outstanding work in a direction' one could easily conclude that Chinua Achebe and a plethora of writers like Graham Greene haven't fallen short of this criterium. Peter Jazzy Ezeh writes that Chinua Achebe and Graham Greene could have been omitted for the award due to their constant commitment in their support of the oppressed rather than the interest of the big powers (the former especially in his pursuit of BIAFRA).
Chinua Achebe: An icon beyond Nobel Laureate

Various opinions have also perceived that those who receive the price lately haven't really done much to deserve it.  Elfriede Jelinek (Austrian 2004) who herself felt she didn't deserve it ( a member of the Academy resigned in protest of the award) or is it Claude Simon the French writer whom ( the permanent secretary of the Swedish Academy - givers of the award) answered in an interview that he only heard of the name after he-Simon Claude won the prize. 

Nevertheless, it would have made more weight for the stand of the Author, bit since the prize is not given posthumously, reasons, why Achebe didn't receive the award before he passes on, would still continue to be an open deliberation.

  However, the Nobel Laureate would not decide the best of intellectual output the world has to bequeath us... Since it is recorded that Swedes have received more prizes than Asia put together,  this could spark a reply that the Nobel Laureate now has a better meaning to 'a lofty and sound idealism'.

 Chinualumogu Achebe has, however,  earned himself much honour and reverence that has dwarfed the Nobel committee. His literary works can speak for it!

Happy Birthday Chinua Achebe!!!

 Written by Nwankwo Nelson 

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