Samori Toure’s Mandinka Resistance against the French Toure’s Mandinka resistance against the French
Next in the Anti- expansionist resistance by Africans is the Samori Toure’s Mandinka resistance against the French.

Samori Toure defended his Mandinka Empire sometimes referred to as Wassoulou Empire from the French occupation and expansion in Africa from 1883- 1898 before its collapses and annexation into the French empire.
The French faced one of the stiffest resistance in the history of Europeans colonization, Samori had succeeded in establishing an empire around the upper basin of the River Niger by the year 1882, the capital was at Bissandugu, the French were not happy about the development and looked with envy at this rising empire and sought to conquer it into their colonial empire. After much persuasion by the French for Samori to surrender his sovereignty and independence to the French had failed, the French declared war on the empire in 1883.
Ammunition used by the armies of Samori were bought in Freetown, Sierra Leone from the British and also made by local blacksmiths, the use of cavalry and his knowledge of the terrain helped his resistance greatly. After few battles, he signed a treaty with the French in exchanged for peace which he gave up some of his territories. In 1886, the French violated the terms of the treaty and war/hostility resumed but few years later it was not too favorable to Samori because the British stopped the sale of arms to his armies in 1893 in accordance with the Brussels convention of 1890 among European colonizers.
After incurring major losses, he moved his capital to Dabakala and later surrendered in 1898 and was exiled by the French to Gabon where he died in 1900. His military skills a a commander earned him the appellation “Napoleon of Africa”.

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