How Europeans settled In Australia

For Aborigines, they got there through migration over land bridges several thousands of years past. At least that’s the general hypothesis. So they found it by walking till there wasn’t ground any longer, the land bridges disappeared, then they would settle there and start inhabiting, and they did this for 40,000 years prior to white man.
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For Europeans, basically by accident.
It was generally believed that long before land was actually sighted, that there might be some sort of continental mass well south of Asia.
There was no specific mission set aside, as had been the case with North America. The first European to sight the Australian continent was Netherlander Willem Janszoon in 1606, along the coast of Cape York Peninsula. The Dutch mapped the northern outline, referring to the continent as “New Holland,” but did not settle there. Dirk Hartog, another Dutchman, made landfall in 1616 in Western Australia (on an island now named after him) but found little of value, and continued on to Batavia (Jakarta), Indonesia.
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There are text out giving travel details by completely different explorers (Tasman, Torres, de Vlamingh, etc) over the next century, their findings, mappings and general disregard for the environment and natives they encountered. The first Englishman to line foot on Australian soil was William Dampier, in 1688, in King Sound, Western Australia. He was additionally the primary European to witness kangaroos. Englishman James Cook made landfall on the eastern coastline of Australia in 1770, first to do so.
His survey of Botany Bay became instrumental in the later First Fleet sent to settle the area (although they opted for the next inlet north, which is now Port Jackson/Sydney Harbour). The First Fleet arrived in Port Jackson on Gregorian calendar month twenty six, 1788, and European (specifically English) settlement began. Even as settlement and exploration began, the continent was still mostly unknown. Matthew Flinders and St. George Bass were initial to work out that Tasmania was a separate island (around 1801).
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Flinders became the primary to compass Australia and really establish it as a continent (1802–1803). Subsequent exploration by many parties tried to seek out a mass of water reported to exist inside Australia, Associate in Nursing “inland ocean.” Burke & Wills, Leichhardt, lake et al traversed the continent; no inland sea was found. Instead, an inhospitable environment that took the lives of Burke & Wills, Leichhardt, and others.

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